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All the way from Poland

My home is central to many of America's most beautiful National Parks. This year I have spent time in Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Canyonlands. It never gets old to me. Kuba and Karolina contacted me from Poland. They were married a couple months ago and were coming to the states for a honeymoon. They wanted to get some shots in either Grand Teton or Yellowstone. I love both but Grand Teton is hard to beat for photos. It didn't hurt that we saw a coyote, a big bull elk and two moose during our session. Afterwards I returned to my campsite at Colter Bay to gloat to my wife that she missed out on all the wildlife. As it turns out that while she was sitting there reading a book a black bear came into the camp not twenty feet from her and she was able to just sit there and watch it. Anyway, I jump at about any chance I get to explore these areas. Best wishes Kuba and Karolina. I am going to come visit you in Poland!

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