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Who is telling your story?

Video storytelling for your business

One Minute Wonder - $850

Tell a clear, one minute story about your business that connects you with your clients. 

We visit your workspace and pack as much as we can into a one minute clip. Requires a consultation. 

90 Seconds of Glory- $1250

Show your clients who you are both at work and away from work. This is a video that helps potential clients and your tribe relate to you in ways that go beyond a simple offering. Requires a consultation.

The Mini Doc- Starting at $4500

Create a video storyline for long term culture and awareness for your tribe. This can include images from the past and historical timelines and growth. Requires a consultation and quote.

Many years ago we were trying to sell our home but nobody was buying. Our realtor explained to me that 90% of potential home buyers cannot visualize what the house could potentially look like. She recommended we stage the home to help the buyer see it's potential. We did and the house sold quickly.

Video storytelling does just that for your business. It is the staging of your story and what you really want to get across. It takes the guess work out of your offering so the client doesn't have to stretch to imagine what you offer and why. 

Nothing shows that better than effective video and storytelling. Our job is to help you see the story and help you capture it so others see what you offer clearly and effectively. 

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