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- Limited Edition print of Mount Rainier "Into the Mystic"

- Framed and ready to hang

- printed on Fine art textured archival paper

-12 x 18 inch print



The first time I saw Mt. Rainier I was flying into Seattle for a photo shoot. I looked out the airplane window and right off the left of the plane, bursting through the clouds was a mountain peak. I hadn’t anticipated it and at first it confused me. “Why am I seeing a mountain in the clouds?”  This majestic mountain had only been something I had heard of, but I had never placed it anywhere until that moment. “This is it. This is Rainier” I thought. 


In 1792, Captain George Vancouver named the mountain after his friend Rear Admiral Peter Rainier. He wrote upon seeing it:


"... The weather was serene and pleasant, and the country continued to exhibit, between us and the eastern snowy range, the same luxuriant appearance. At its northern extremity, mount Baker bore by compass N. 22 E.; the round snowy mountain, now forming its southern extremmy, and which, after my friend Rear Admiral Rainier, I distinguished by the name of MOUNT RAINIER, bore N. [S.] 42 E. ... " 

[Captain George Vancouver, May 8, 1792]


Like many peaks however, it already had a given name, Tahoma. Who knows for how long it had been called this by the many tribes who once lived on and around the mountain, possibly dating back as far as 15,000 years. Archaeological digs have discovered fire pits with animal remains at mid mountain dating to close to 9000 years!


The piece of art you are looking at here is the world that lies beneath the clouds of Rainier at mid mountain, where the pines meet the mist. I call it, “Into the Mystic”. It represents the untold stories, the lives of those who lived here. It’s the mystery of the past of the mountain that makes me wonder with craze. What has happened here over the last 10,000 years? What did life look like in 6000 BC for the people here? What were the families like? Who fell in love with who? Who had their heart broken? Am I the only one that wonders these things?

NATIONAL PARK COLLECTION | Mount Rainier | 12x18

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